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Meetings with foreign Škoda Fans

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Meetings with foreign Škoda Fans

Мнение от NikitEKX » 02.09.2017, 23:30:45

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for today's little conversation! It was amazing to meet such an enthusiast here, in Bulgaria. I'm really amazed that you have so serious Skoda "movements" here. Your car looks truly amazing! Great color and wheels set. Everything is done exactly like it should be!

Greetings from Riga, Latvia!
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'16 vRS230, stg1(startline.lt) - 300hp/400nm(98oct) 100-200=13.5-13.8.

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La Furia Roja

Škoda Racer
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Meetings with foreign Škoda Fans

Мнение от La Furia Roja » 03.09.2017, 22:39:31

I am very happy about our meeting, Nikita
Your car is really impressive in this steel gray.
Xtreme wheels are my favorite stock rims.
You are welcome in our forum Bg and you can look at our Skoda Projects here.
You can use the info if you need some upgrades.


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